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A.C.T - This Wonderful World

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Do you know who you are?
Will your deeds affect your conscience?
Are you thinking with your heart?
Or does your mind have the influence?

Now it's time for a change
You've heard it all before
Now stop this retardation!

Pollution in the seas
To hot cause global warning
Tap water will soon cease
Keep your mouth shut
While you're showering

At first, tiny things
A gradual increasing
A mother nature's vengeance

This wonderful world, on edge of falling
Our wonderful earth, there's no point of denying
This wonderful world, on edge of falling
Our great blue earth, it's crying and it's dying

Molested as a child
Brought up to be a badass
Can we blame them for their faults?
When they've been hurt as he has
A ragged screaming man
Proclaiming Armageddon
- Beware the end is coming!

This wonderful world...

Now you think I will tell you which way to go
The answers that I keep probably won't show
But I have learned that every effort counts

This wonderful world...

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