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Titanic - Titanic

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Murderer's come dressed as suicides
They drag the donkey's that carry the shit
Wondering where all of that hope went
I'm telling you now this it
Everybody knows you sell mouthwash
As liquid gold always rusts
The roller blade girls concrete the beaches
The coffee cups crumble to dust

On the Titanic, groovy, the lifeboats blow in the wind.

Listening to your Northern Soul records
You're pumped up with The Stax and the Blues
I can't help it if I was born stupid
I'm thinking about buying some shoes
Saxophones wait in the echo
I'm a good looking 19 year old girl
Hanging in the light like a Gecko
Inviting all men into my world

On the Titanic, groovy, the lifeboats blow in the wind.
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