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Poeta Callejero - EL 16 De Mayo

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Writing what you say and saying it all back to you
Mayonnaise and malaise to go
The catcher in the rye caught a catch 22
Keep it at a pace... My life is like a crawl to me
Catatonic face... I'm marking time randomly
Mayonnaise and Malaise to go
Dull and null and void and all my best instincts stink
They pay me by the hour and I don't even have to think
Charismatic bore and I don't wanna work no more
I'm gonna kill the next customer who walks in the door
Mayonnaise and malaise to go
It's really something to be twenty-nothing
I feel my place is so secure
A culture spot that I have got
So glad to be unsure
We've passed our prime in record time
I never thought we'd fall so low
We've come this far to sell your cars
I want all my unease to go
It's really something, to be twenty-nothing
I feel my place is so secure
A culture spot that I have got
So glad to be unsure
I've come to resent what I represent
I'd like to smack that smile off your face
But for my angst I must say thanks
So good to be put in my place
Mayonnaise and malaise to go
Punk rock car
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