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Scorpions - Scorpions video lyrics

Scorpions - Scorpions

I'm in love with the sunshine

I'm in love with the falling rain

Everything seems to call your name

Yesterday you were leaving

Leaving life for all it's pain

Everything wants you back again

I found myself through you

When there was love in my life

I thought I was always meant to be high

And my life was made whole

But now my mind has started to roam

You're my life's only fire

Through you I was inspired

Helped me carry all my load

You're engraved deep within my heart

My dreams recall us being warm

I search for you to be free

The force of life you have always been

I feel blue since you've gone

Your breath of love surrounded me

When can I rejoin you to be free

When I lay there dreaming, there's a voice in my head

It belongs to you, and it says

There's no need to be sad, there's a way to stay with you again

It's more than you ever had. And though death keeps us apart

All the time this love always grows, because you are my only one

I know even though we've been apart, your love's inspired to my heart

We'll burn the shy when it's time for me to die

We'll burn the sky

The Scorpions

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