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Kevin Johansen - So Lazy video lyrics

Kevin Johansen - So Lazy

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They're beating people on the streets (and Im so lazy)
No one has nothing to eat (and Im so lazy)
Nothing ever seems to change
All the stars have the same name
I would love to fix this world but Im so lazy
So lazy
And I would write another verse but Im so lazy
Life just can't get any worse and Im so lazy
Some may say the end is near!
But it's only one more year.
And I would love to live in fear but Im so lazy
So hang out with me, well watch the trees
And yawn till dawn, and never sleep
Just hang out with me, enjoy the breeze
Well make believe the whole worlds lazy,
So lazy, so lazy, yeah!
So hang out with me (repeats)
Though some may say the end is near!
Its just the end of one more year
Ya no quiero trabajar and Im so lazy!
Ni siquiera trasnochar and Im so lazy!
Slo quiero descansar y que me dejen en paz,
Quisiera al mundo cambiar, but Im so lazy.

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