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Dulzaina - Medieval

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Medieval Feast

[M: Jevo, Patxa / L: Jevo]

Now winter is gone
And a new day is born
The season of Spring
When life is reborn.

Time to harvest time of crops
Farewell to darkness and cold
And welcome to sunlight,
Fertility and hope.

The solstice has come,
Mother Earth hear our call
We pay honour to you
One feast and this song.

By moonlight we have met,
This night in the heart of the forest,
To enjoy a banquet of meat.
Creatures of the night,
Staring eyes in the darkness
But campfires will keep the away.

Lambs, boars and deers,
Pheasants, ducks and other pieces
To roast by scalding firewood.
Women in a ring,
Dance to the sound of gay melodies
While bards are singing their songs.

The horn has been blown,
It's sound flies all over the valley
The feast has already begun.
Red wine and beer,
Let us drink to Gods of Iron
And the bards keep on singing their songs.
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