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GEN - Reactor video lyrics

GEN - Reactor

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Restricted area

The danger zone
Top secret formula

A power load

The pressure rises
And gets too high

The wheels are rolling
At the speed of sound
The time is coming

To shake the ground

No failure at this point

The core survived
Transfer, recalibrate, and modify

Another test

Are we all set?

The wheels are rolling

You hear that sound

Something's burning
Down in the ground

Alarm lights
Blinking up

On and off
Crazy stuff

Control room
Leaking pool

Pump the fuel
What a mess


Safety suits

Out of luck

Hurry up

We cannot stop this thing
Now it's too late

I must say from now on

No one is safe

Abandon site

Run for your life

The wheels are rolling

Explosion sounds

The time is coming

To leave this town

Can't shut down

Crews are dead

Steam blows up

At the top

A problem here

A failure there

And all the plant

Is melting down

As you see

Things can be

So quickly
Very ugly

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