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Cantos Gregorianos - Enigma video lyrics

Cantos Gregorianos - Enigma

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[Music: Myriads, Lyrics: Alexander Twiss and Mona Undheim Skottene]

I investigate a power in me that always has been lying latent
To gain a spiritual and physical invulnerability

I am flying from windstorms and thunderbolts,
They will never capture me

She searches the extreme
In every part of herself,
No barriers can keep her
From realizing her dreams
There are vast powers in man
Which normally are unknown,
Lying latent deep inside,
Hidden for them to see


Reach the insurmountable, limits exceeded
She is the one that has competence
I am growing wilder,
I am leaving what I was in
I am glowing brighter,
I have the power to win

She is glowing brighter,
She has the power to win

I am diving deep against all currents,
I make the water circulate

She uses all abilities in herself,
She finds strength in the
Deepest gaps of her nature
The secret to gain all the
Is unveiled in situations
Where they are vital


Unthinkable, enormous and obscure force

Was it for real what she just did?
She seems bewitched, with unlimited powers
Are such actions controlled and deliberate?

Malignant I penetrate your soul,
Invoking you with witchery

She is moving faster
Into another condition
Filled by penetrating metaphysics
Sometimes man goes too far
Abusing their latent forces
Then it might be too late
To regret their recent actions


I am growing wilder,
I am leaving what I was in
I make the fire
Wherein new life will begin

And after twilight
When every colour turns grey,
With my abilities
I see a different way

I have the wisdom
To see the dark as a light,
I view the truth of
Enigmatic colours of night

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