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Circo Del Sol - Funambul

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A seed was sown within my mind
And began to lead my heart
It seemed I walked a fine line of benevolence or lust
A time to focus on the goal I drew a line in the sand
Just how far would I go to see the dream,
The dream within my hands
On the hard road now because nothing good is free
And as the sun is rising on another day
Do I know why, I have come this way; It's not for me alone
But for another's sake. My mind begins to clear
As the urgency of vision starts to wake...
Surveying the past I see my life unfold before me
But what of this vision that was given to me
Material passions seemed to rule the world I lived in
It was money and power with a sensuous seed
It was hard to walk away!
Straying from a vision while walking through the shadows
Searching for answers making dreams for myself
Time was of the essence and I was quickly fading
But a voice it kept calling, it kept leading me on
Don't you know you've lost your way
Don't let your vision fade away - No!
Walking on a tightrope in the valley of decision
There's so many choices in the chasm below
Behind me is the past and before is the future
But a voice it keeps calling
It keeps leading me on
Don't you know, you hold the key
And that your future lies in Me
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